Our products feature:

Adjustable Virtually every dimension can be adjusted to fit any size chair or driver. The slotted tubing allows for easy infinite adjustability, so you can dial in the perfect driving position.
Collapsible The GranStand can be folded flat so that it can be moved out of sight, perfect for use in rooms where you don’t have space for a permanent setup.
Mobile The GranStand’s compact design allow you to fold it up and bring it to your friends house for head to head racing.
Comfortable The GranStand’s double post design makes your driving experience more comfortable because there are no posts or knobs between your legs to bang into while racing.
Stable The double post design allows for greater stability than other stands that only use one vertical leg. Two legs are better than one. The wide stance makes the GranStand immovable even under the most intense racing manuevers.
Versatile The GranStand works with multiple platforms, Logitech Driving Force Pro & Driving Force GT, Logitech G25 & G27, Xbox, and Fanatec no need to purchase different brackets for different wheels and pedals. There are holes for hard mounting the wheels and pedals and the G25/G27 shifter.
Wire Management The GranStand has built in features so that you can neatly organize your wires. There are holes for zip ties in the brackets and a channel down the middle of the tubing which allows for nice and tidy wiring.
High Quality The GranStand is designed and manufactured in the USA and is made of lightweight extruded aluminum tubing and precision CNC laser cut powdercoated steel brackets. Hardware is corrosion resistant socket head cap screws so that you dont have to worry about bolts coming loose and rusting.